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At OmSakthi-A-Overseas, we believe that perfection begins at home! Our home, our facility is a modern and innovative, state-of-the-art infrastructure that is sprawled across a vast area of 4.6 acres.

With a work area of 32000 sq.ft., our factory is our pride. The main office that houses our expert management team and where all the brainstorming and innovative research takes place is a mammoth 7000 sq. ft. set up.

Abiding by our promise of commitment, our massive textile infrastructure makes our pledge towards manufacturing of the best quality home textile products possible!

We have deployed the latest cutting edge technology and the best in the industry craftsmen, weavers, and designers, keeping in pace with the latest trends within the textile industry. Our craftsmen ensure we set new benchmarks in our industry by delivering unparalleled and superior quality products.

Omsakthi-A-Overseas feels proud to be one of the leading textile manufacturers in India.


Reliability, quality, innovation and perfection are the foundation to our work structure. With that as the ground framework, we have structured all our operations in a flawless infrastructure. Offering end-to-end solutions in home textile production, we deploy effective quality checks to guarantee niche quality products.


Fully automized modern fabric cutting technology


Eradicating bottlenecks through structured operation process


Constant research to produce textiles that are trend setters


Keeping the 'wow' factor active through targeted innovation


Delivering the designs you want in your favorite textile


Round the clock quality controls to deliver only perfection


We are available round the clock, for anything, anytime


Our dedicated teams of experts ensure quality and trend


We believe in flawlessness and thus have deployed a fully equipped operation process that offers end-to-end textile production solutions. A systematic approach towards manufacturing, we ensure to deliver the best quality home textile products.

Our Process

Yarn Sourcing

Sourcing the world?s finest yarn from leading spinning mills, we manufacture our textiles from yarns made out of cotton or synthetic fiber. The most common yarn counts used by us are 2 X 2/20s, 2 X 2/30s, and 10s.


Adopting the cabinet dyeing process, we dye 5000 kg of yarn a day. For grays, they are half bleached and then dyed. The yarn samples are constantly checked during the dyeing process at regular intervals until the pre-decided color is met.


Once dyed, the yarn is woven into the magic of the desired fabric in the specified size, design and color tones. We manufacture over 15000 meters of fabric a day. To accomplish this, we have a dedicated team of suppliers along with 5 Automatic Wrapping Machines, 50 Rapier Dobby Looms and 10 Jacquard Looms on the technical front.


Once the weaved fabric is in hand, we get to the tailoring bit of it. Cutting and stitching the woven fabric into the desired patterns and sizes, we create the end product that defines us. Helping us do this are a 100 in-house power sewing machines, 300 power sewing machines from suppliers with an added electrical cutting and fusing machine.


There are two points of checking. the initial is when the fabric has been weaved and the second is once it is stitched into an end product. The woven fabric and the stitched product are checked in our in-house check segment for any weaving defects, color and pattern checks and met with the preset specifications.


Our end product is who we are and thus we ensure that they are packaged in the most impeccable manner. Carefully folded to ensure a crease-free handling, we have a dedicated packing section for our fabrics. They are packed in Poly bags along with J Board, Belly Band, Sticker Art Work, Bar codes and other vital details as specified by our customer.


Once through with the entire game plan the journey to the end user begins. The cartoon boxes are loaded into their respective containers or trucks and shipped to their determined locations. They are backed by appropriate documentations and all the concerned parties to the contract are duly informed.


Stretched over an impressive area of 4.6 acres, our futuristic manufacturing unit covers an expanse of 32000 sq.ft. The main office is sprawled across 7000 sq.ft of area. With a seamless streamlining of operations, we adopt a flawless work structure for our end-to-end production unit, with all the operations carried out within our facility.

Looking for best quality home textiles? We are here to serve!

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