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Bed Linen

Bed linen refers specifically to the fabric components of bedding designed to contact the sleeper’s body directly throughout the night.

This includes essential items that provide a comfortable and hygienic sleep surface.

The core components of bed linen are:

Fitted Sheet: A fitted sheet is a necessary component that secures the mattress with elasticated corners. It forms the base layer, directly contacting the sleeper throughout the night.

Flat Sheet: The flat sheet rests atop the fitted sheet. Larger and rectangular, it’s typically tucked in at the sides and bottom of the bed for stability. The flat sheet provides an additional layer of comfort and warmth.

Pillowcases: Fabric envelopes that encase pillows and pillowcases protect them from dust, dirt, and allergens while offering comfort to the head and neck during sleep. Pillowcases come in various sizes to match standard, king, or queen-sized pillows.

The choice of fabric for bed linen significantly impacts factors like breathability, comfort, temperature regulation, and ease of care.

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