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It is difficult to imagine a bed without pillows.

We all need pillows to support our head while we are resting. It comforts us and allows us to sleep well. Omsakthi-A-Overseas is one of the largest pillow manufacturers and suppliers in India. We make the best pillows that help to make sleep comfortable.

Pillows come in different shapes, sizes and styles. The stitches of a pillow are also an important consideration. A good pillow always allows you to contour to the shape of your body and head.

Pillows from the house of Omsakthi-A-Overseas, the leading wholesale pillow suppliers have a unique design and are suitable for various sleeping styles. It supports slide sleeping, stomach sleeping, and even back sleeping.

Our pillows have the right type of polyester fabrics and hollow fibers that keep their bounce and softness for a long time. The pillows provide adequate support to the spines.

Since the pillows are filled with hollow fibers, they are washable and are free of allergen. The pillows also help in reducing neck pain. With the right amount of fluffiness, the pillows comfortably adjust to your head as you switch positions.

If you are looking for pillows that would heed all sleeping comforts and also be a perfect friend to your body, then you have come to the right place.

Select the pillow that best suits your requirement and enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience.


  • 18.0 inches (L) x 26.0 inches (W) x 7 inches thick
  • 20 inches (L) x 28 inches (W) x 6 inches thick
  • 16 inches (L) x 24 inches (W)

Textile Material: 100% Cotton

Filling Material: 100% Polyester

Shape: Rectangle, circle

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