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How often do you sit on your chair? We are sure you do not keep a count. For something as important as sitting, you need to ensure that your sitting posture does not have an adverse effect on your body.

Chair pads take care of your sitting style while maintaining the aesthetics of the table linen.

Omsakthi-A-Overseas, one of the leading chair pad suppliers in India, manufactures the perfect accessory for your chairs and sofa. They help you in having comfortable and relaxed seating. We know sitting is not a natural posture for our body however, sitting is essential. Be it sitting for a friendly chat over dinner, or simply watching television, if you have a cushion that provides you comfort, sitting is beneficial.

Our chair pads are available in different fabrics. You can select cotton chair pad cushions or opt for chair pad cushions made from silk, wool, canvas, polyester, and nylon material.  

Omsakthi-A-Overseas, the leading chair pad cushions manufacturers in India, offers chair pads and cushions in bright colors and patterns. They are also available in various sizes. Depending on your sitting arrangement, select the size. The colorful chair pad cushions come in unique designs and stitches. When you use chair pad cushions for your chairs and sofa, you elevate the appeal factor of your room.

Scroll through our collection of chair pads manufactured in India and share your wholesale requirements. We are known to be the leading chair pad exporters in India and can export all over the world.


  • Cotton and Linen
  • Canvas
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
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