Top 10 Textile Manufacturing Companies in India [Updated 2024]

The textile industry has a resolute position in the national economy, being one of the oldest and most self-reliant sectors of India.

From handling the production of raw materials to ensuring delivery, textile manufacturing companies are required to maintain a continued supply of goods and facilitate sustained growth. This has a direct impact on the employment sector. 

After agriculture, the textile industry in India is considered to be the second-largest sector in terms of employment potential, both for skilled and unskilled laborers. It employs over 35 million people in the country currently, and is expected to generate job opportunities for nearly 17 million by 2022!

The Indian textile industry also boasts a powerful dominance on the global platform. India ranks at No. 2 in international textile, cotton, and silk manufacturing. It is the top jute producer worldwide with a whopping 63% share in the international textile market. 

The country was even ranked No. 4 in the Most Promising Markets for Apparel Retailers in 2009 by AT Kearney’s ‘Retail Apparel Index.

In this article, we take a look at the 10 top textile manufacturers in India in 2024. So let’s dive right in!

Top 10 Textile Companies in India

1. Omsakthi-A-Overseas

Omsakthi-A-Overseas is known for its organic and high-quality products. It is one of the premier wholesale textile companies in India in manufacturing and export.

The company stands out with innovative designs with world-class quality, strongly backed by over three decades of experience in the textile industry.

The company also offers aesthetic makeovers to homes with an impressive collection of cotton furnishing fabrics that include linen for beds, dining fabric, living room, and outdoor furnishings. These make-over furnishing fabrics are sure to make clients live life king-size. 

textile manufacturing companiesThe fabrics are designed by experts keeping in mind the current trends. The designers take utmost care when deciding the color, texture, and quality of the textile products

The company’s manufacturing units are highly mechanized with modern technologies to manufacture fabrics of superior quality, which makes Omsakthi one of the top 10 textile companies in India.

The company has extended its footing to the international market by supplying to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. 

2. Arvind Ltd.

Arvind Ltd started in the year 1931 and has its headquarters in Ahmedabad. The range of products offered by Arvind Ltd includes knits, retail products, woven products, telecom, etc. Some of the brands owned by the company are Flying Machine, Newport, and Excalibur.

The company also owns a few globally certified brands like Arrow and Tommy Hilfiger efficiently marketed by retail networks throughout the country, making it one of the most reliable textile companies in India. 

Arvind Ltd. is committed to protecting the environment and has 22 international patents for eco-friendly solutions. It is the largest producer of fire protection fabric in India.

3. Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. was founded in 1879 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. The company is hugely popular for its superior quality and innovative designs. The primary product offering of Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd. is Polyester Staple Fiber and retail textiles. Their loyal client base and decades of experience make it a highly renowned textile manufacturing company in India.

4. Fabindia Overseas Pvt Ltd.

John Bissel founded Fabindia in 1960. The company has its headquarters in New Delhi and branches all over the country. The product stands out in the market for its uniqueness in procuring products from the villages in India, thereby improving rural employment.

The company now runs a successful retail business in the country. Thus, it finds a coveted position in our list of the top 10 textile manufacturing companies in India.

5. Grasim Industries Ltd.

Grasim Industries Ltd is the global leader in the production of viscose rayon fiber. The company was started in 1947 and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Grasim Industries Ltd also has its share in the global fashion industry as it supplies its fabric to popular fashion houses in the United Kingdom and the United States. It is a part of the renowned Aditya Birla Group, the largest private company in the sector. 

Their primary product offerings include Viscose Staple Fibre, Chlor-Alkali, and more. Given its partnership with UltraTech Cement and Aditya Birla Capital, Grasim Industries also has a strong foothold in the cement industry in India.

6. JCT Ltd.

JCT Ltd, a prominent name in the production of textiles and nylon filament yarns (man-made fibers) was founded in 1946. 

The company has two segments of operation:

  • The textile segment deals with the production of cloth and yarn.
  • The filament yarn segment deals with the production of nylon yarn and chips.

The manufacturing units of the company are located in Phagwara (Punjab). Given its widespread clientele and diversified services, it has established itself as one of the leading textile manufacturing companies in India.

7. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd.

Mysore has a rich legacy in textile culture. The quality of silk manufactured in Mysore is superior and unparalleled. KSCI (Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Ltd) was set up to promote the heritage and silk products of Mysore. The Mysore silk has a loyal fan base in India and comes in a wide range of products like Silk Dhoti (for men), ties, salwar kameez, kurtas, and sarees. 

Founded in 1912, the silk weaving factory initially catered to the royal families of Mysore, selling ornamental fabrics to their military base.

8. Raymond Ltd.

Raymond Ltd, one of the pioneers in the textile industry was set up in 1925. The company is one of the most trusted brands in India and has a large client base making it one of the top 10 textile companies in the country.

The company has retail branches all over India and an export base spanning 55 countries worldwide. Products manufactured by the company include designer wear, types of denim, fabrics, and garments. 

Raymond Limited’s share constitutes 60% of the suiting market in India. It is also a leading manufacturer of woolen fabric. The company has been acknowledged as the most trusted apparel brand in India by The Brand Trust Report in 2015.

9. The Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd.

Kuppuswamy Naidu founded the Lakshmi Mills Company Ltd in 1910 with Coimbatore as its headquarters. Lakshmi Machine works as its parent company.

The range of products manufactured by the company includes textile yarns, garments, weaving, and spinning products. The company is well known for its world-class quality. 

10. Vardhman Textiles Ltd.

Vardhman group was started by Lala Rattan Chand Oswal in 1965. Vardhman Textiles Ltd is a part of the Vardhman group and is based in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The company manufactures and trades yarn, Greige, and processed fabrics along with threads (for sewing), acrylic fiber, and alloy steel. Vardhman Textiles Ltd was transformed into Vardhman Spinning and General Mills (VSGML) in 1962. 

The company has branches in 75 countries around the world apart from the branches in India. The rich legacy and high quality of the products have earned the company a position in our list of the top textile manufacturing firms in India.


OmSakthi-A-Overseas is a leading textile manufacturing company India that manuafcture and exports textile products such as bed linen, kitchen linen, bed sheets, and many more.

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