Why india is always superpower in textiles sector?

Why india is always superpower in textiles sector?

Yes, there is always a special relationship between yarn and India because according to Puranas the yarn was first invented in India and it is the source of the fabric. That’s why still India is ruling among other countries over fabrics and became a top destination for the textiles. For the centuries India never lost its sheen for the textile industry as all the previous and current dispensation sensed it as the booming factor in the country’s growth. Here are the must-know reasons why India always stands tall in the textile market among other countries.

  1. Manpower
  2. Technology
  3. Government Support
  4. Taxation
  5. Transportation
  6. Tradition
  7. Manpower

Being the world’s second-most populous country next to china, India always attained its position as a global superpower in textiles due to the wider workforce and skilled manpower. People always show a lot of interest in the textile industry as it provides them job security with enormous employee benefits comparing with other sectors.


India always adopting new technologies to its kitty as the textile sector evolves around innovation and technologies. Indian textile exports are always having an eye on the latest updates and innovation to implement those for higher and efficient production.

Support of Government:

Irrespective of the ruling party textile sector always takes limelight at their dispensation. The textile sector constitutes around 2% of the total GDP growth of India and thus emphasizes the importance of this sector. Indian government always taking measures for the higher production, exports of the textile goods to attain greater ROI.

Taxation Procedure

Due to recent Goods and Service Tax implementation India further strengthens and simplified its taxation. Thus make importers, exporters, suppliers, manufacturers to pay their taxes in a transparent manner in which this endures the win-win situation for both the dispensation and the stakeholders.


India in recent decades grown exponentially at transportation. It explores all the ways in Air, Road, Ocean transportation for efficient freight forwarding to retain the top among others in textiles. It encourages exporters to produce more to fulfill the demands of domestic and international stakeholders.


Textiles always highlight India’s tradition at the world stage. Having brilliant minds and innovative thinkers in the textile sector India made leaps in this particular sector. Most of the government and private events always filled with the unique designs of fabric and pool of collections which will catch up with the visitors and stakeholder eyes.

There are a lot of factors are driving India into the top in the textile sector. It emulates the confidence and commitment of both the dispensation and stakeholders to never miss the opportunity in India. Indian home textile manufacturers and exporters are catching this mood of the international markets and fulfilling their demands at best.

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