Come, Join Us At Global Textile Trade Fair 2023

There has been a steady recovery in consumer spending in the textile and apparel industry, as can be seen from the fact that the apparel market was valued at US $ 172.3 billion in 2022.

It is expected to witness a CAGR of 14.59% during 2023-28. The sustainable materials used in the manufacture of textiles are quoted as one of the key reasons for this growth.

The USA is the top importer of textiles from India. Though a plethora of avenues are open in the USA, the need for a platform to support Indian manufacturers exists.

With the support of the Indian Ministry of Textiles, an exhibition was conceptualized where Indian textile exporters could display their unique variety of textiles ranging from home textile products to apparel.

What is GTTF?

The Global Textile Trade Fair (GTTF) is an excellent platform that connects the textile trade between India and the USA. The fair is organized with the objective of strengthening textile trade ties between the two countries.

GTTF offers an opportunity to interact with many visitors who turn out to be potential customers. It is a pedestal to engage with many businesses and foster new business deals.

This textile fair is an exclusive platform for Indian manufacturers to exhibit a diverse variety of textile fabrics. The USA, being the biggest importer of textiles and apparel, hosts GTTF and is thus a welcoming opportunity for Indian textile exporters.

For your knowledge, Global Textile Trade Fair is organized by Octavia Exposium LLP and hosted by Pandesara Weavers Co-op Society Ltd.

Global Textile Trade Fair, 2022: The Year That Was

Global Textile Trade Fair 2023 - previous year

The previous edition of GTTF witnessed more than 2000 visitors from across the USA. The event paved the way for enormous success by generating more than 4 million dollars in business for the exhibitors.

Textile importers from the USA were extremely satisfied with the vast array of high-quality textiles displayed. The US markets that were slowly moving away from China for imports found a sustainable option in Indian exporters.

In 2022, the estimated US trade with India for textiles reached $58.9 billion in terms of exports. There is great enthusiasm in the importers as they eagerly wait for the current edition of GTTF.

Benefits For Indian Exporters

There is tough competition in international markets that prevents many eligible businesses to venture out. GTTF does away with international competition as it is an exclusive platform for Indian manufacturers.

It is an independent expo that has been created with a mission to create a platform for Indian manufacturers to explore the American market. It runs with the vision to strengthen every year, thereby increasing Indian textile share in the American market.

Top textile importers from the American continent, US government dignitaries, hoteliers, apparel brands, retail store owners, top fashion designers in the USA, investors, the Indian community living in the USA, etc., make up the valuable visitor profile.

The platform aims to focus on the Indian market, where buyers are well-informed about what to expect from the exhibition. It brings in foreign direct investment to India to fuel the country’s growth.

GTTF provides an opportunity to explore unexplored markets for certain exporters. It is also a stage to display the unique craftsmanship of Indian garments.

India, being the largest producer of jute, the second largest producer of silk, cotton, and cellulosic fiber, the third-largest producer of raw cotton, and the fourth-largest producer of synthetic fibers, requires a perfect space to showcase the unlimited variety of fabrics and apparel, and GTTF is the one.

How To Participate In Global Textile Trade Fair

GTTF is a call to Indian textile exporters to participate and unfold the immense benefits of trade between India and the USA. To participate in the event, all that is needed is an online registration.

An exhibitor inquiry form is available on their official website, where information about your company, contact details, email address, member details, product description, and stall size desired are asked for.

Once registered, communication about the event and confirmation of participation are sent to the exhibitor through email. Thereafter, participants must pay the necessary fees and sign the application contract form.

There are various stall sizes available that exhibitors can choose after having a look at the layout information provided on the website. With many exporters interested to participate, it is imperative that you book your space soon.

Key takeaways

Indian textile industry has abundant high-quality products that have found favor in the American markets.

GTTF is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that assists Indian exporters in augmenting their exports. Along with helping the Indian industry, it also aids in improving trade with the USA and contributes to the growth of the Indian economy.

With the exhibition being organized by the experienced and professional team at Octavia Exposium once again, it is a much-awaited event this year around. Various roadshows are being conducted across various Indian cities to promote the event and increase member participation, to make the event a great success.

For Indian manufacturers waiting to explore the international market, this is the right time to start, with GTTF having its focus exclusively on Indian exporters.


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