Cost-Effective Ways to Source Textiles for Events

Events are a part of the human lifestyle.

From birth ceremonies to marriages and religious events, there are so many of these that are integral parts of our culture.

If you are in the event planning and management industry then you would understand that different types of textiles are used for decoration in these events and sourcing them from the right vendors is very important

However, textile sourcing can be expensive. If you are looking for ways to cut some costs down in this process, then you have come to the right place.

Let us learn some of the ways you can reduce the cost of sourcing textiles for events.

Requirements for Textiles in the Event Industry

Textiles play an important role in the event industry. Let us understand how they matter and why one should invest in them first.

Aesthetic and Ambiance

Textiles are capable of changing the entire look and feel of an event. They add a pop of color, texture, and patterns that can create a particular atmosphere and ambiance.

Be it elegant drapes, decorative table linens, or amazing outdoor linen, textiles can be used to accentuate the event space and give it a beautiful look.


One particular textile can be used in different ways at multiple events. They can be used to create different areas in one venue, divide the venue, and conceal unsightly places. Textiles can also be used to accommodate different types of venue layouts as per the requirement.

Branding and Personalization

Textiles are a great way to brand your company and yourself in events. Most corporate events use customized tablecloths, banners, and signage with the company logo, and event managers can get as creative as they can with these fabrics. Using textiles is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for branding.


Textiles are a good option to enjoy the comfort of an event. They can be used for soft cushioning in upholstered chairs to provide a comfortable seating option for the attendees. Textiles are also used as canopies to hide the backstage area and the dressing rooms.


There are certain textiles that are designed to interact with both lighting and projection effects. Event organizers usually use translucent and sheer fabrics for projection mapping, to create stunning visuals, to give dynamic lighting effects, and many more.

The backlit textiles will add depth and accentuate the event backdrops and stage designs.


Most of the events are moving towards a sustainable tomorrow, and including sustainable textiles in the event is a great way to do it.

These are made from organic cotton or recycled fabrics and can aid in reducing the environmental impact of the events. Apart from that, these fabrics can be repurposed like using a textile piece for background in one event and as a divider in another.

Best Ways to Source Textiles for the Event Industry

There are different ways you can source textiles for any event. However, if you follow the below-mentioned ways, you will not only save money but also contribute to the environment.

Bulk Purchasing

When you opt for bulk purchasing textiles, you can negotiate better. Suppliers usually offer huge discounts and offers for those who purchase products in bulk. This way, the cost per unit will be less and you will benefit from better pricing.

Apart from that, when you purchase textiles in bulk, the handling and shipping cost will be less. Most suppliers are fine with accommodating special requests like personalization, free shipping, etc. when you purchase a bulk quantity of textiles.

Wholesale Textile Suppliers

Wholesale home textile suppliers like Omsakthi-A-Overseas can help in purchasing textiles at a great discounted price. They specialize in providing high-quality textiles at the best price possible for events.

Most of these wholesale suppliers have access to discounted inventory, which allows them to offer products at a competitive prices.

The best part is you don’t have to deal with retailers or intermediaries who charge high commissions in between. If you purchase products in bulk from them, you will get additional offers as well. You can tie up with different wholesalers to fulfill your textile requirements.

Off-Season Sales

During the off-season, most wholesalers and retailers offer great discounts on their products. They sell the same textiles at an inflated price during the peak season.

So, off-season sales can be a great opportunity for you to take advantage of these sales and purchase the textiles in bulk. You can assess the textile needs for events that you have already planned to manage and purchase beforehand.

This prevents you from splurging during the peak season, and you will save some money too.

Online Marketplaces and Auctions

There are several online marketplaces and auction websites that you can tap to get access to a wide range of textiles. These marketplaces usually have multiple vendors offering the same product at a price that is suitable for them.

You can browse through different vendors and their collections online. There are some websites that conduct auctions for textiles as well. You can bid on the items and secure them at a discounted price.

Upcycling and Repurposing

Upcycling and repurposing of textiles is something that should happen in every event. Most event managers repurpose the fabric used in one event into another. You can use the fabrics in different ways as per your requirement.

Repurposing textiles will give you a great chance to get creative and modify the textiles. When you opt for upcycling and repurposing, you are not just saving costs on your textiles, you are being environmentally friendly and helping reduce the carbon footprint.

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