Journey of Home Textiles: From Factory to Your Home

Indian home textile industry is huge. There is a steady increase in the inclination towards home textiles made in India. 7% of the global home textile trade is with India, which stands testimony to the statement.

The rich and diverse heritage of textiles in India has been a major contributing factor for home textiles in India to be a crowd-puller. The Indian Textile Ministry has also been a supporting factor through its policies and a promising vision for the home textile market.

There are several categories of home textiles manufactured with brilliant quality in India. Some of them are:

Bed Linen

With the increase in interest to present an aesthetic look to the bedroom, there is great demand for high-quality, luxurious bed linen. The hotel industry is a major buyer of bed linen as tourism is flourishing.

Bed linen includes comforters, cotton quilts, bolsters, throws, blankets, duvet covers, pillow covers, and bedspreads.

Kitchen Linen

There is a wide array of kitchen linens available to keep the kitchens sparkling clean. These are kitchen towels, dish towels, table runners, gloves, aprons, pot holders, tea towels, and oven mittens.

Pet Linen

Clean, comfortable, and safe pet linens are also part of home textiles. They are specifically curated for pets, keeping in mind their comfort. Some types of pet linen are dog beds, blankets, tents, dribble mats, and pillow covers for dogs.

Table Linen

Elegant table linen with a variety of prints and shapes is available in the market. Table linen makes the dining experience complete. Chair cushions, chair pads, napkins, bread baskets, placemats, and table cloth are some varieties of table linen manufactured.

Outdoor Linen

Special quality linen that is suitable for outdoors also forms part of home textiles. Some outdoor linens are tablecloths, furniture covers, cushions, garden mats, picnic bags, and decor items.

Living Linen

Living linen brings life to the living room with its variety of textures and colors. Some of the living room linens manufactured are blinds, curtains, cushions, chair covers, tablecloths, sofa runners, throws, rugs, floor mats, etc.

Learn The Journey of Home Textiles At Omsakthi-A-Overseas

A lot goes into the process of transforming fabrics into home textiles that ultimately adorn homes, hotels, etc.

Let us look at the various steps involved in the manufacturing and delivery process of home textiles:


Sourcing of yarn is a highly crucial step as the quality of the final product depends on the quality of the yarn. It should be procured from the best spinning mills to provide outstanding home textiles to the buyers.

Some common yarn types that are of good quality are 2X2/20s, 2X2/30s, and 10s. Natural and eco-friendly fabrics are hose in demand in recent times. Careful selection of the right fabric, and supplier, negotiating prices, etc., are all part of the sourcing process.


Dyeing is the next step, and standard procedure is followed for the same. Dyeing is the application of colours to the fabrics procured, to make them suitable for the manufacture of home textiles.

There are many methods of dyeing, and each follows a specific set of processes. The dyes used should be of high quality and must be suitable for use even after repeated wash. Dyeing is the stage where the fabric gets life and becomes more attractive and vibrant. Various chemical and natural dye varieties are available and are used based on requirements.


Once the yarn is dyed, it should be woven into the desired shape and size based on the purpose for which it is manufactured. For example, it may be a table runner, placemat, sofa throws, etc., each of which is in different sizes.

Weaving is done by interlacing two sets of yarns so that they cross each other on power loom or handloom machines. Different techniques are followed for weaving to bring the magic to the final output produced.


Cutting and stitching the fabric obtained through weaving is the next step in the journey of home textiles. Specific cutting and stitching machines are used by manufacturers for this purpose.

The quality of the final product depends on the expertise in stitching. Wholesale manufacturers use electric machines to produce fabrics in bulk. A high level of precision is required in the stitching stage so that the product created meets the purpose and attracts the buyers.


Quality check is an important stage in the bulk manufacture of home textiles. It is done at two points, one after weaving and the other after stitching. This is to ensure that the fabric obtained from these processes matches the design created. The colours, patterns, checks, designs, etc., are checked to identify any defects.


Packing is another important step that ensures that the final product reaches its destination safely. Once the quality check process is over, home textiles are carefully packed according to client requirements. Bar codes and other vital displays, as specified by the customer, are included in the packing.


The final step in the journey of home textiles is dispatch to the address of the customer. All documentation with regard to local sales and export-related formalities is taken care of before the goods are loaded onto the vehicle for transportation.

Textiles are packed safely in carton boxes to ensure a safe journey until they land in the godown of the customer. Every step is carefully planned and executed to maintain the utmost quality and ensure client satisfaction.

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