Sofa Runner

Sofa runner or Slipcover is a spreader that is used to prevent your sofas from getting dust and stains. Without a runner, your sofa will look odd. Add your sofa additional protection and refresh the look of your living space with Os overseas Sofa runners. Our sofa runners are made with high-quality fabric to protect your sofa from any dirt and dust. This runner is made up of 100% pure cotton; it gets softer and softer in every wash. We manufacture sofa runners in a different size; you can buy the runners according to the size of your sofa.


  • 74 inches to 96 inches
  • 58 inches to 73 inches
  • 32 inches to 40 inches


  • 100% cotton
  • Dust and stain protector
  • Waterproof
  • Washable

Fill Material: 100% Cotton

Textile Material: 100% Cotton

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