Add an extra bit of elegance and comfort to the chair and couches with Os overseas Cushion.? We at Os overseas offer an extensive range of cushions to choose from. Our cushions are the grate way to add tone to your living space. Our cushion featured unique and creative patterns that make a fashionable and ornate piece in your home decor. Cushion made with super quality fabric that gives excellent support while sitting. Now display our decorative pillow alone or with a sofa and enhance the look of your home.

Dimensions of Our Cushions:

  • 30CM*30CM (12inch*12inch)
  • 40CM*40CM (16inch*16inch)
  • 45CM*45CM (18inch*18inch)
  • 60CM*60CM (24inch*24inch)


  • 100% soft
  • Washable.

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