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If there is living linen that can change the look of the room and also be a great extra arrangement for seating, it has to be the floor cushions. These cushions can make your rooms look inviting and attractive.

Floor cushions from the house of Omsakthi-A-Overseas, the leading floor cushions manufacturer in India, are very helpful when you have to make additional seating for guests. Instead of seating on the floor, the floor cushions provide the comfort of relaxed seating.

These cushions are also a good option for a room with kids. The kids can lie on the floor cushions or play without getting hurt on the hard floor. Floor cushions combined with rugs in one corner of your room is a great place for you to read and do other work.

Omsakthi-A-Overseas, one of the largest floor pillow cushion suppliers, makes 100% cotton floor cushions with an excellent finish. They are long-lasting with sturdy stitching. The cushions come in multiple designs and cater to different needs.

Available as square or rectangle in different colours and sizes which makes them a perfect fit for any room in your home.

Shop online to buy these cushion covers which are available in modern and traditional design as well as many other colors, sizes and styles from Om Sakthi Overseas now.

Our team works tirelessly to deliver the best quality floor cushions India.  We have different varieties of floor cushions in stock that range from extra soft to firm.

You can also use floor cushions in cafes to create attractive looking social spaces. The cushion designs are versatile and can be used as floor pillows, decorative items, and low height stools. It can also be used on chairs to provide extra comfort.

If you know how you want your floor cushions, we have the collection for you. Browse our catalogue and pick the floor cushion that best suits your requirement.


  • 40cm*40cm*8cm.
  • 50cm*50cm*10cm.


  • 100% rich in cotton.
  • Sturdy in stitching and long-lasting.
  • Gentle wash.
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