No matter how many furniture and home decor you got in your room, space is incomplete without a curtain. Our OM SHAKTHI OVERSEAS provides peerless curtains. Our curtains are the best product in markets by quality, color, and design. You can use our curtain in your bedroom door, windows, and living areas and in the kitchen. Our Curtain featured with unique pattern and colors, whether you want your room to be dark, block dust and ensure privacy or just add an elegant touch to your space, Os overseas curtain sure do the trick. We come up with all kinds of Pre-eminent fabrics like lace, cotton, velvet, silk, linen, and polyester to make a curtain durable and refresh your space.

Our curtain dimensions:

  • 84 inches.
  • 63 inches.
  • 95 inches.
  • 108 inches.
  • 120 inches.


  • 100% best fabrics
  • Washable for all fabrics
  • Dust protector

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