List of Top 10 Karur Home Textile Exporters

Karur, one of the more popular towns in Tamil Nadu, is today one of the most powerful names in the home textile industry. The home textile exporters of Karur have made a prestigious name for themselves in the global market because of their artistic talent and thirst for innovation.

The city in Tamil Nadu serves as evidence of both India’s long history in textile production and its adaptability to current home textile manufacturing trends. It is a one-stop solution for improving the beauty and comfort of homes around the world.

With specializations in manufacturing tableware, bed linens, towels, curtains, and other home décor goods, the exporters from Karur are a force to reckon with.

Why Is Karur an Important Textile Hub?

Karur’s growth in the textile business is comparable to an amazing evolution. With only 15 exporters, it started its handloom export venture in 1975. Currently, many well-known international shops, including Walmart, Target, IKEA, JCPenny, Ahlens, Metro, Carrefour, and others, carry Karur’s products on their shelves.

The city is proud to be a textile powerhouse today, with thousands of exporters. Much like Tirupur is celebrated for its hosiery products, Karur has become synonymous with handloom “made-ups.”

The town’s textile ecosystem encompasses approximately 600–700 small, medium, and micro enterprises. These businesses, which are typically family-run, are tightly integrated throughout the entire value chain of textile manufacturing processes. Within a 40-kilometer radius of Karur, they are grouped together, forming a vibrant and flourishing textile community.

Karur’s home textile offerings are diverse, comprising five main categories: bed linen, kitchen linen, toilet linen, table linen, and wall hangings. These products have received global appreciation for their quality and craftsmanship.

In terms of economic impact, Karur generates an impressive annual foreign exchange income of around Rs 6,000 crore (approximately $300 million) through both direct and indirect exports. This thriving industry supports the livelihoods of approximately 3 lakh individuals in and around Karur.

Karur’s remarkable journey from modest beginnings to a significant global textile hub is proof of its continuous commitment to quality, creativity, and the preservation of its extensive textile heritage. It now has an important place in the broader textile map, is praised for its handloom “made-ups,” and serves as a symbol of India’s textile supremacy.

Karur, a town in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has evolved into a crucial textile hub for several compelling reasons:

Rich Textile Heritage: Karur boasts a rich textile heritage dating back centuries. The community has a long-standing culture of weaving and handcrafting. The town’s textile business is built on this historical tradition.

Skilled Artisans: The skilled artisans in Karur are experts in beautiful weaving, printing, and embroidery methods. They are always appreciated for their exceptional precision and ability to create textile designs that become popular all over the world.

Diverse Product Range: Karur’s textile industry is not limited to a single product category. The textile sector offers a wide range of products, including bed linens, dinnerware, curtains, towels, napkins, and other things for home décor. The fraternity is able to serve a wide range of clients because of its broad choices.

Quality and Innovation: Karur’s textile manufacturers prioritize quality and innovation. They continually invest in modern machinery and techniques to improve product quality and meet global standards. This commitment to excellence has earned them recognition worldwide.

Strong Supply Chain: The town’s well-established supply chain network ensures a seamless flow of materials and finished products. This efficiency enables Karur’s textile exporters to meet international market demands promptly.

Export Focus: Karur’s textile industry is primarily export-oriented. Local businesses have an active presence in international markets and have established strong relationships with foreign customers. India’s export profits have significantly benefited from this attention.

Sustainability and Environment: Many textile manufacturers in Karur have adopted eco-friendly and sustainable practices. In keeping with the rising demand for eco-friendly textiles worldwide, they use natural colors, organic materials, and water-saving procedures.

Government Support: In all these years, the regional and state governments have taken steps to support the textile sector in Karur by providing incentives, building infrastructure, and promoting trade.

Top Home Textile Exporters In Karur

1. OMSAKTHI-A-Overseas

OMSAKTHI Textiles, a recognized global leader in home textile manufacturing, has redefined home aesthetics for decades. They specialize in producing top-quality home textile products made from organic cotton, ensuring a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere within homes.

Their core competencies lie in the creation of intricate designs, the precision of yarn selection, and the unwavering commitment to product quality and durability for their wholesale export orders.

Located in Karur, India’s epicenter of textile manufacturing, OMSAKTHI Textiles is supported by a dedicated team of textile experts who continuously innovate home textile fashion.

With three decades of experience, OMSAKTHI Textiles is known globally as OMSAKTHI-A-Tex and OMSAKTHI-A-Overseas, specializing in home textile manufacturing and exports. OMSAKTHI-A-Overseas holds the prestigious SA 8000 certification, demonstrating its commitment to social compliance and responsible manufacturing practices.

They prioritize employee welfare and possess certifications such as OEKO-Tex Standard 100, SEDEX, and CT-PAT, highlighting their exceptional product quality, workplace standards, and advanced machinery and equipment within the industry.

They are also a certified ISO 9001:2015 compliant organization, reaffirming their position as an industry leader in home textile manufacturing in India.

As one of India’s foremost home textile manufacturers and exporters based in Karur, OMSAKTHI Textiles proudly associates with respected industry councils, including:

  1. Handloom Export Promotion Council
  2. Cotton Export Promotion Council
  3. Apparel Export Promotion Council
  4. Indo-American Chamber of Commerce

Their diverse product categories encompass Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Outdoor Linen, Living Linen, Pet Linen, and Table Linen, ensuring a comprehensive range to meet various home textile needs.

For inquiries and further information, OMSAKTHI Textiles can be contacted at the following details:

Address: OMSAKTHI OVERSEAS SF# 64 – 2B, Salapalayam Road, V. Thanneer Pandhal, Pavithram (PO), Covai Road, Karur, Tamil Nadu 639002
Phone: +914324234233

2. Parameshwari Exports Pvt Ltd

Parameshwari Exports Pvt Ltd is a reputable manufacturer and exporter specializing in home furnishing items, particularly cotton textiles, bed sheets, and clothes. The company was founded in 1973 and is known for its high-quality home textiles, including curtains, cushion covers, mats, throws, bed linens, kitchen linens, table linens, and throws.

Key Information:

Company Identification No: U18102TN2011PTC080980
Business Nature: Exporter
Address: 1-B, Kulathupalayam Rd, Sri Poonkuyil Nagar, Vengamedu, Tamil Nadu 639006
Product Range: Cushion Covers, Bed Linen, Window Curtains, Applique Bed Sheet, Table Linen, Kitchen Linens, Printed Bed Sheets, Printed Table Mat, and Other Home Furnishing Items

3. Amaravathi Textiles

Amaravathi Textiles is a leading manufacturer and exporter of home textiles in India. The company was founded in 1970 in the textile belt of Tamil Nadu, India as a trading unit dealing in hand wovens. Today, Amaravathi manufactures a wide range of machine-made home textiles including woven fabrics, embroidered linen, prints, jacquard, and terry towels.

Key Details:

ID No: U17111TN1989PTC016926
Expertise: Reverse Osmosis, Textiles, Dyeing, Exporting
Address: Ramkrishnapuram, Karur, Tamil Nadu 639001, India

4. Oasis Hometex Private Limited

Oasis Hometex Private Limited is another leading organization on this list. The company was founded in 2006 by Ashok, a graduate in textile technology. In 2015, Oasis Hometex became a limited company and changed its name to Oasis Hometex Private Limited. The company also started to procure and set up all the production facilities under one roof, thinking of futuristic developments.

Key Details:

ID No: U17220TN2015PTC099382
GST No: 33AAFCD2593P1Z8
Address: Parameshwari Plaza 16-A, Ramanujam Nagar (South), Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu 639002, India

5. Karur Goldline Exports Pvt Ltd

Karur Goldline Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a leading player in the Indian home textile industry and is known for its quality, commitment, and innovation. The company was founded in 1994 and has been weaving its way into this business for over 25 years. The company’s main export markets are the UK, Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Dubai, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Essential Details:

ID No: U18101TN2006PTC059511GST No: 33AACCK7995B1ZH
Address: No-160, Kamarajapuram W Rd, Kamarajapuram, Karur, Tamil Nadu 639002, India

6. Cheran Soft Goods Pvt Ltd.

Cheran Soft Goods Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player in the textile industry in Karur, Tamil Nadu. The company was founded in 1972 and has been in the home textile business for over 50 years. Cheran Soft Goods is known for its high-quality yoga products, which are made from 100% organic cotton and are certified by GOTS and ISO 9001:2015.

Key Details:

ID No: U18204TN2013PTC091480
GST No: 33AAFCC2831H1Z1
Address: 1A, Muthaladampatty South, Post, Cheran Nagar, Thanthoni, Tamil Nadu 639005, India

7. Onesource International Private Limited

Onesource International Private Limited, based in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, is an OEM manufacturer specializing in home textiles.

Key Details:

Identification No: U51909TN2012PTC085484
Product Range: Table Linen, Pillow Covers, Plain Bed Sheets, Table Napkins, Linen Table Runners, Table Frills, Chair Covers, Dyed Bed Sheets, and more.

8. Synthesis Home Textiles Private Limited

Synthesis Home Textiles Private Limited, a prominent player in the home textile industry, is dedicated to quality and innovation.

Vital Information:

Identification No: U17111TN2005PTC058245
Address: Ature, Salem Bypass Rd., SIDCO Industrial Estate, Karur, Tamil Nadu 639006, India

9. Raajco Spinners Private Limited

Raajco Spinners Private Limited is a dynamic yarn manufacturer based in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. Their commitment to quality is evident in their products and services.

Key Details:

Identification No: U17100TZ2015PTC021325
Address: D.Gudalur, Gujiliamparai Road(SH-74), Vadasanur Tk, Dindigul-624 620, SH74, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu 624620, India
Skus & Verticals: Yarn, Manufacturer, Mills, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Exporters, Supplier

10. Selvakumar Spinners Private Limited

Selvakumar Spinners Private Limited, based in Erode, Tamil Nadu, is a prominent textile company with a legacy of excellence.

Key Details:

ID No: U17111TZ1996PTC007489
Address: 10/9, Selva Nagar, Othapanai, Thandampalayam, Tamil Nadu 638109, India

Why Should You Choose OMSAKTHI?

Selecting Omsakthi is a choice marked by distinct advantages and unique selling points:

  1. Quality Assurance: Omsakthi’s unwavering commitment to quality ensures that you receive superior home textile products that meet the highest industry standards.
  2. Expertise and Heritage: With over 30 years of experience, Omsakthi is a heritage company in the field, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and textile craftsmanship.
  3. Sustainability: Omsakthi’s dedication to eco-friendly practices, including organic cotton and certifications like OEKO-Tex, reflects its commitment to sustainability.
  4. Global Reach: As exporters to renowned international retail chains, Omsakthi’s products have garnered global acclaim, showcasing their capacity to meet an array of customer needs.
  5. Social Responsibility: Holding SA 8000 certification and emphasizing employee welfare, Omsakthi sets high ethical standards in the industry.

Omsakthi is not just a name; it’s a promise of quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, making it the preferred choice for discerning consumers in the world of home textiles.


OmSakthi-A-Overseas is a leading textile manufacturing company India that manuafcture and exports textile products such as bed linen, kitchen linen, bed sheets, and many more.

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